Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slighted, in Which A Commercial is Created

You know those NBA commercials, the ones where they use sound bites from players' interviews to create a song? You know how there are never any Jazz players featured in those commercials, save for brief visual clips?

We (Jess and I) came up with an idea for the Jazz to duplicate those commercials on their own.

The sound bites could all come from last night's game, and wouldn't feature interviews with current active players, but instead would feature (mostly) Matt Harpring's color commentary.

Picture an assortment of clips of amazing plays put to a hip hop beat with these "lyrics":

Harpring: That was a good foul. A good foul. Not silly. They have to avoid the silly fouls...
Avoid the silly... the silly... avoid the silly fouls.
Ron Boone: Just look for the orange shoes.
Harpring: They're yellow.
Boone: Are they yellow?
Harpring: They're yellow.
Boone: Look for the orange... the orange shoes.
Harpring: Avoid the silly... they're yellow... yellow.
Pace Mannion: He has to do something offensively... He has to... He has to... offensively... He has to do something offensively.
Harpring: Now that one was a silly foul... silly... silly... He fell right on him bum... Now that was a silly foul... on his bum... avoid the silly fouls.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jazz Links, in which I link to one thing and mention two others

First of all, according to nba.com, the greatest play of the 2009-2010 season ...

Was this.

Second of all, both Bill Simmons and John Hollinger have the Jazz beating, not only the Nuggets in the first round, but the Lakers in the second round, and then losing to the Suns in the Western Conference finals.

(Both also base their predictions on the Jazz getting Andrei back--dang it!)