Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Handed

I am currently blogging using only my right hand.

SeeThis is a common thing in our home--one-handed stuff.

In fact J was commenting on a blog a few moments ago while I was holding Jack, but she was only using one hand to type. She stopped when I pointed the fact out to her.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The other day I found the missing keys to my Chevy Lumina.

You may all stop praying for their safe return.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That was a terrible Game

Or you could say it was a great, and really exciting game. But that last push-off shot of Jordan's just wasn't very cool at all.

But all that aside, I was thinking yesterday how I missed the NBA on NBC theme music when watching a basketball game on TV. So I looked it up on youtube, and dude, I'm not the only one who feels that way. Most the comments for this video say the same thing.

So here it is:

Also, I've been missing in blogger action lately. My new job is very cool, but I don't ever use the internet there, and when I get home I want to see my family, so pardon my absence. I'll check back every once in a while.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alive and Well

Yes it is. Most certainly it is.

Sexism, that is.

Did you know that there are public places that discriminate, BLATANTLY discriminate, against one of the sexes?

These places are probably more prevalent than you'd think.

This is the unthinkably sexist situation that I found myself in earlier today:

I went to change Jack's diaper in a public restroom, and of course I went in the Men's room, since I am a man after all. And in this restroom there was no changing table. Not in the main part of the restroom, not in one of the stalls (as is sometimes the case), not anywhere!

So I made the most of the situation, and changed him as best as I could without a changing table. When I came out with him I asked J, who had been in the Women's room not long before, whether there was a changing table in the Women's room or not. She told me there was.

Can you believe it?

The nerve! The outrage! The unspeakable DISCRIMINATION!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Eyes of Pink

I don't think you can see it that well, but I caught some pink eye from one of the kids. It's in the eye that is half shut. 

Anyway, this is a good shot of Jack's bulldog cheeks.

Oh yeah, and I chose the Seagull Book job. It pays slightly less (in the short term, but that will change when I become a store manager), but has much more affordable health insurance. It's a smaller company than the bank, but that means much less bureaucracy. The potential for growth in the company exists with both, but is more certain with Seagull. The schedules are comparable. The US Bank was an in-store branch, which means it is open extended hours and open most federal holidays, and there was a requirement of all bankers to hand out at least 100 fliers to in-store shoppers each week. 

And then there was this factor: When I got offered the job with the bank, I was extremely excited ... because someone offered me a job. When I got offered the job with Seagull I was really excited too ... because it was a job that I really wanted and know I would enjoy.

So, yeah. I start Monday. 

And I finished another book by A J Jacobs, this called The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World. He accomplished this feat by reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. I recommend it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Remember that last post? The one about my getting a job at US Bank? I was slated to start on Monday, and was pretty excited about it.

But then I got another job offer today. This one as a manager in training with Seagull Book.

Two job offers in one week.

I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I was so used to not hearing anything from places I applied/interviewed, or getting this phone call, "We've decided to go another direction."

So this was unusual to say the least. The ball was in my court. The decision became mine.

I've decided, but I won't say just now which I chose, because I want to find out your opinion. Which job should I have accepted?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Miracles Do Happen

Not quite like the pioneers, but close.

It started on a day when I decided to attend a job fair that was held at Energy Solutions Arena. KJZZ had been advertising this job fair during the pre-season Jazz games (go Jazz! yeah!), and I thought it would behoove me to give it a go.

I'd been to one other job/career fair, and it was not the most positive experience (thanks to my own negative attitude that developed after being snickered at when I told these prospective employers what my degree was in: "Really? You studied that? Why? What did you expect to do with that?"). But I thought that I should try again, and this time go with some more optimism. 

So I drove up to the Sandy Trax Station (thought I'd avoid looking for parking around the arena) and parked my 1995 Chevy Lumina (white, as if they made them in any other color that year), locked the doors and made my way toward the platform.
Then I remembered I didn't have a key to the door of the Lumina.

A couple weeks before through a set of strange circumstances, the one copy of the door key to my car was mysteriously misplaced (it still hasn't been found). I was realizing this predicament as I approached the ticket machine. Did you know (yes, you probably did) that the Trax ticket dispensers only take cash. I didn't have any cash.

And essentially, I didn't have a car. I walked back to the car and checked each of the doors multiple times. They were all very securely locked. 

So I made a bold decision. I would ride Trax without a ticket, but once I got to downtown I would find an ATM (none of those available at the Trax platform either) and buy an all day ticket to cover my heretofore unpaid ride.

While on the train I remembered that my parents were driving up to Salt Lake to take my sister to the dentist, so I called them and asked if they would be willing to give me a ride home after the job fair. They agreed.

But then I changed my plans, because the job fair had less than twenty companies represented, and most of those were telemarketing places. Though I did have one good conversation with a representative of US Bank.

So I was done long before my parents were. So I hopped back on Trax with a plan in my brain. I would walk to the South Town GM dealership and order a new door key for the Lumina. 

But first I had to get off the University Trax Line and back onto the regular southbound line (a mistake I seem to make every time I ride the dang thing).

The dealership did cut me a new key, but it took J faxing them a copy of the car title to prove that we actually own the thing and aren't just trying to steal it. 

The point is, US Bank hired me. I start there on Monday. The ordeal (a lot of fun, actually) was worth it.