Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Cool Thing

About being sick and losing my voice is that I can sing along a lot better with Dicky Barrett.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


There's not really a good way to write about this.

Yesterday I was trying to get a hold of my mom, which usually is not very difficult, what with cell phones and everything. I finally reached her and found out that she was at the hospital with my dad (a not too rare thing, quite honestly), that he had to go to the emergency room.

This time was different than the other times he went there, though. This was the last time he would go to the hospital. After so many times spending days or weeks in a hospital bed, putting up with the food, battling through fevers and pain unimaginable, three failing kidneys, infections, pneumonia, and so much else, he was apparently not going to do that again, because he just left.

Left his body behind.
This photo was taken a few months ago, the day of Jack's baby blessing. This is one of our favorites. He's talking cars with one of Jessica's brothers. We are all really glad that he's been having good days lately. In fact, just this past Sunday, Mother's Day, we all got together and he was in fantastic form, giving J a bad time about putting milk on her cake, looking at our brother-in-law's Jeep with him to diagnose a problem with it, playing with his grandkids at a park ...

How fortunate for us that we get to remember him that way.