Friday, September 14, 2012

Rule Breaker, in which I do it

Me: I'm breaking the rules here. Elder Holdaway: What rules? Me: The rules I made up along the way during our conversations. You know, about how at first I was just talking to an Elder Holdaway who was in a static temporal vacuum, not at a specific point in time, but then as I talked with you more and more I decided that we were at an exact ten year separation, and then I decided that was how it was, and so once I was ten years from you getting home, I couldn't talk to Elder Holdaway anymore. Those rules. Elder Holdaway: Um. Ok. Me: Well, I thought about this a lot, and it's all right if we talk even though we are more than ten years separated. I like this arrangement. Elder Holdaway: I'm not so sure I do. You're kind of weirding me out. Me: Well, I telepathically promised Spencer that I would talk to you again, so deal with it (and I really mean that in the friendliest way possible). Elder Holdaway: I think I have work to do. Me: Hang on, time pretty well stands still during our dialogue, so there. I needed to tell you that Spencer felt kind of bad about putting part of a Less than Jake song on one of the tapes he sent you. He told me this through a medium called facebook. Let that sink in. Elder Holdaway: What? Me: Sorry, I'm trying to be funny for anybody who reads this, since they will be reading it in my reality and not yours. But the joke wasn't funny. It was terrible. Elder Holdaway: Oh. Well, tell Spencer it's not a big deal. His tapes are the greatest things. I love listening to them, and my companions think they are great too. Me: Good. That's what I thought. Elder Holdaway: So I can expect more of this, huh? Me: You betcha! Elder Holdaway: K.