Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've Only Been Golfing Three Times in My Life

But if I took it up, I might excel at it.

And this is why:

Jessica has incredible reflexes. One night when Mini Holdinator #1 (otherwise known as Joshua) was an infant and still sleeping in a rocking cradle, Jessica bolted out of bed, out of a deep sleep, and caught him as he was pulling himself up in the cradle thereby causing it to rock and nearly dump him out on the floor. It was incredible! The cradle was at the foot of the bed, so the speed with which she did this was nothing short of amazing.

The other night I was up with Jack, and I got hungry, so I poured myself a bowl of cereal. Suddenly the bowl was slowly moving across the table top and on its way to the edge. Then it fell off and into my lap. This was of course because I knocked it off the table somehow (I'm really not sure how), but I had plenty of time to do something about it, I guess. But I couldn't. I just don't have the reflexes.

Then to top it off, after it fell and got cold, wet cereal in my lap, I considered the situation and the predicament that I was in, then I thought for a few seconds about what I should do. I considered my options: What should I clean up first? How would I clean it up? Would I use my hands to pick up the fallen cereal, or go get a paper towel for the whole thing?

Before I did much of anything, I changed my facebook status to reflect the situation I was in, because apparently comedy trumps all action.

And this is a problem with me. I don't react. And I know it drives Jessica mad sometimes. If Jack spits up all over her, I'll tilt my head and take in the scene, and consider whether a paper towel, s dish towel, or a baby wipe will best remedy the problem. She just wants me to do something.

This is probably why I never excelled in the sports I played as a kid: football and basketball. Both of those require pretty quick response times to situations.

This is also why I could never be in the military, or law enforcement.

Brian's thoughts in a crisis: Huh, this guy is shooting at me; what can I do about this? I guess I could try to avoid the shots. Should I call for backup now or after I've diffused the situation? How should I diffuse the situation? Let's see, I have my own gun, and I have this tazer thing, but I could get in a lot of trouble if I used it inappropriately. The guy who's shooting at me has something on his face, what is that?


This is why I think I might be good at golf. It's not one of those sports where you're required to make split second decisions and rely on your quick reflexes. You really consider every shot, even the two-inch puts.

So yeah, I feel bad for my kids while knowing just how lucky they are. On the one hand, they've got a parent who will be able to rescue them from anything in the blink of an eye. On the other hand they have a parent who, well, is me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Other One Too

For your information, I am blogging here (ideally) once a week. 

And now for a cute picture.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Consider Yourself Forewarned

Unless your name is Spencer Ellsworth, you are in no way required to watch this. If your name is Spencer Ellsworth, this one's for you.

Remember, I've forewarned you.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So yesterday at Seagull (WHERE YOU, AND I DO MEAN YOU NEVER PAY FULL PRICE AND ALL THAT JAZZ) I was walking from our DVD isle with 49 DVD's in my arms, and noticing a customer at the counter ready to check out I said something to her about being right with her, then turned a corner around the check-out counter and walked into our display of delicious Utah Truffles, and the display promptly relieved itself of all its chocolaty contents on the floor. 

It was truly awesome. The customer helped me pick up the fallen truffles, as did a couple little boys whose dad instructed them to aid me.