Friday, December 31, 2010

Unintentional Comedian, in which, well, You'll See

Setting: Our Kitchen. Jack and Morgan are sitting at the table playing, I'm at the sink, and Josh is following me every step as he is wont to do when he is eager for me to play a video game with him.

Josh: Dad, are you done cleaning the kitchen yet?
Me: Not yet buddy.
Josh: How much do you have left? Just wiping off the table?
Me: And all these dishes.
Josh (observing the sink full of dishes): It would go faster with two people.
Me: Yeah, it would.
Josh: Why don't you ask Morgan to help you?
Me: Ha!
Josh: What? You should ask Morgan.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Naivete, in which I read some Journal Entries from 15 year old me

And I quote, "I found out Cheryl and Jeanette have something against guys. We've got just one track minds. That may be true, but my track isn't that bad. Is music really that bad a thing to always be thinking about no matter what? I don't think so."

Um, no wonder girls felt safe around me as a teenager.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Return for a Day, in which I just had to Blog about it

Yesterday at work (at Seagull Book, you know, a Mormon book store), my coworker was ringing up an elderly (read: at least 80 years old) woman. The woman was writing a check and suddenly said, "Well, I just f--ked that up." I looked at my coworker, but didn't catch her eye, then I looked at other customers but no one would make eye contact with me.

I guess we all knew that if we caught each others eye, we just might laugh.