Friday, November 4, 2011

Contemplating, in which I'm considering looking like this all the time

Except that sometimes I have to use both my hands to do things... dang.


Mark said...

So have you been shaving the rest of your face? I haven't yet. I need the rest of the beard to act as a "booster" until the mustache can stand on its own...

Holdinator said...

I have no choice in the matter. Our grooming standards at Seagull only allow "neatly trimmed mustaches." All other facial hair is prohibited.

Think BYU Honor Code.

Mark said...

Haha, yeah, that's exactly what it sounds like. I've never understood that, though. I mean, why allow a mustache? Of all facial hair, a mustache? Better to just do away with all of it and prevent a bunch of dudes wandering around looking like weirdos. I guess we're those "weirdos" for the next two weeks :)

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